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“Your plans have made it much easier to estimate the materials for our Builders and

Benny Mims
Russell Building Supply

Don Langham

"Hudson Home Designs helped us design the house that met our needs.
Hudson Home Designs team worked with us to customize a design that was right for
us and at an affordable price.
We definitely got our money's worth, and we love our house!"

Don Langham

Steadman White

In Feb 2008, our home for over 29 years was destroyed by a tornado. The
contractor we selected to do our repairs asked if we had a set of the original plans,
We did not. We contacted Hudson Home Designs to work up a set of plans that we
could use. We talked with Hudson Home Designs about making some modifications
to the original house and he was very accommodating and assured us that the
changes could be done. Then our insurance company decided they were going to
total the house. So, our direction changed.
I managed to get on line and looked at some plans on Hudson Home Designs web
site and found one that I liked - but would my wife. The next day, my wife and I
went to Hudson Home Designs office and looked at several plans he had on hand. I
don't know how, but my wife picked out the same plan I had found online. It was
meant to be.

After looking at the plans and discussing the layout, we asked if some modifications
could be made. We wanted a Florida room rather then a patio and wanted it a little
larger, bigger door openings, pocket doors, and modification we wanted made in the
master bath area and the kitchen. Hudson Home Designs was very accommodating
and help full once again. The changes were made to the plans, we went over them
and accepted them! In a matter of 3 days, Hudson Home Designs had the modified
plans complete and in our hands for the contractor.

Hudson Home Designs made arrangements to have the needed survey done in a
day. Something that I understand usually take at least a few days to complete. Our
contractor was able to start immediately on our new home with the modified plans.
We were in our home within 2 1/2 months! Hudson Home Designs were willing to
help in anyway they could.

The design is superb. Hudson Home Designs included little touches like well light
rooms, good sized closets (the master closet is big enough we had our contractor
make it a "safe room" as well). We would recommend Hudson Home Designs to
anyone looking for a quality designed home.

Mr and Mrs Steadman White
Prattville, AL

Katrina McLoed

"Hudson Home Designs did a spectacular job on our home design. They are very
knowledgeable in their field and were exceptionally easy to work with throughout
the entire process.  Cliff and I are very pleased with the outcome of our home and
everyone who visits is very complimentary of the open floor plan that Hudson Home
Designs designed".

Katrina McLeod

Jeff Revland

Tracy and I would like to thank you for your work in designing our new home.  We
searched for several months and found no homes in the Prattville area that would
meet our needs.  Typical homes in our search area were not well designed, offered
small rooms, and were overpriced. 
On February 17th 2008 our home was destroyed by a Tornado, this put great
pressure on us to find a new place to call home.  Our search seemed to be at a
standstill when a member of our church directed us to your company. 
In our first conversations you advised us to give the room sizes we would like to
have, the lot size we were building on, the price range we wanted to stay in, and a
basic idea of how we wanted the house to flow.  At our second meeting you delivered
to us a rough draft of a house plan which we made a few changes to and turned back
in for a final draft.  In a matter of a few short weeks we had our plans and broke
Today our house in complete and our dream is realized. Thanks for all the hard

Best Regards
Jeff Revland
Jeff and Tracy Revland

Margaret Sylvest

I want to commend you for the excellent job your firm did for me in designing my
new home on Lake Martin in Coosa County, Alabama. On rather short notice you
produced from my rudimentary drawings a superb plan. The house is exactly what I
have wanted in great detail for several years and, as I recall, the plans in our
meeting after they were completed, only required a minor change or two at your
suggestions. My dear friend Dudley Griffin was kind enough to take you to see the
finished product recently and tells me you were as elated as I with the end result, a
high quality job and magnificent design. It is a real jewel and exactly what I wanted.
Some have said it is so perfect that the Lord had to have a hand in it. I thank you for
the great attention to detail that went right according to plan with no problems to

Sincerely yours,

Margaret Sylvest

Larry Worrilow

I purchased the Hamilton Plan back during the summer and I wanted to tell you
that my house is almost complete. Many of the contractors working on the home
said that your plans were some of the best they have used. If you would like to see
the home it is being built on -------- in Wetumpka. Thanks for a truly great design.

Larry Worrilow

America's Best House Plans

My experience with Hudson Home Designs has been great!  After working with
Hudson Home Designs directly over the last 5 years, I could not be more impressed
with their professionalism and design work.  Hudson Home Designs provides top
notch house plans with great customer service!

America’s Best House Plans
Brandon Hall
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