Hudson Home Designs not only design home plans but we also develop software solutions utilized by one of the top CAD software companies in the world.

      Hudson Home Designs has been developing GDL objects and estimating solutions since 2001. Architects and engineers from around the world have incorporated our solutions in their projects that were first developed to be utilized within our office projects.  With the ever-changing market trends and lifestyles, we are always making improvements, redefining and developing new solutions. Our goal is driven by the desire to continually improve the design work flow, increase proficiency, and improve accuracy to satisfy clients like you. If you are in need of assistance or just need us to create a specialized object to utilize in your firm, please contact us for more information. We will be happy to help. Visit our Software page to see what current objects and solutions we have available that may be right for you.

For Architects, Engineers and Designers alike, we offer the following services and products:
• GDL object development and sales

• GDL programming training

• In-office, on-site ArchiCad user training

• Third party software add-on sales

• Construction and development of in office
software standards to improve your current

• Construction and/or design of Estimating
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