Decks and Piers:

Decks and Piers can play a big role  
in the outdoor environment and  
many times are overlooked. We not  
only design the structure, but we  
can also include a complete  
itemized list, so even the do -it-
yourselfer will be able to  
understand it. We have  
incorporated and developed many  
in office elements within the  
software we use that will save you  
both time and money. From  
composite materials and custom  
accent pieces to standard lumber  
construction, we are here to assist.

Outdoor Entertainment:

Outdoor Kitchens are becoming the  
new entertainment hubs in today’s  
outdoor lifestyle.  We have  
developed and designed an array of  
outdoor kitchens utilizing standard  
modular cabinet units to custom  
cabinets built to fit within existing  
structures. I am sure you will find  
that our design knowledge will meet  
or exceed your expectations.

Pergolas, Gazebos, Pool houses,  
Arizona Rooms, Playhouses or even  

#1 First Consultation Meeting:

• Consultation Meeting:
  This is usually done at your location. It helps us get a better sense of space and
brings your ideas together in a big picture. We will continue reviewing all the above information together to
establish the general project scope and help you establish a more structural set of requirements with which
you will be satisfied. This meeting will be a basic verbal communication opportunity as well as a note-taking
interview for us.

• Establish rough requirements:
Outline your most important needs first. Create a collection of
ideas by use of magazine clippings, photos, notes, personal rough sketches etc…If possible, bring in a site
plan that establishes the location of existing elements within your property if a site visit is not required.

What we need from you before getting started.

#2 Conceptual Design Meeting:

• Conceptual Design Meeting:
During this meeting, you will review what we have developed from the
collaboration of the project scope and your ideas. This will also be the opportunity for us to answer any questions
you may have. Please understand that our conceptual designs are not a single-shot effort (e.g., take it or leave it),
rather it is a starting point -   you can decide to continue with what we have presented, or we can continue
discussing  additional ideas for a new, conceptual design. We will continue to work with you until you are
completely comfortable and satisfied. Our conceptual designs will consist of applicable rough sketches of floor plan
(s) and 3-D Elevation(s). If at this time you agree we are headed in the right direction, you will have the
opportunity to take sketches home with you for a more thorough review, and to contemplate further commits,
questions, and/or suggestions for our next meeting.

#3 Reviews and Commits:

• Reviews and Commits:
This next step is all about back and forth reviews. This occurs when both parties
have agreed that the progress can proceed with more detail. This is done by email, unless you request otherwise.
We do this for two reasons. One:  This reduces unnecessary delays in the design process AND reduces your
tendency to worry about finding time for office meetings. Two: You are able to review at your own pace in the
comfort of your own home so your thoughts remain clear, without interruption or pressure to make hasty
decisions. This process will be sent back and forth until you are ready to proceed to the next stage. As always,
you will remain in control throughout this process. When you approve and are completely satisfied, we will
proceed to the final set.

#4 Final Set:

• Final Stage:
In this stage, we finalize all the technical requirements and documentation required by code and
needed by the builder to begin the project. It is very important that you make the decision to continue to final
set, only when you are completely ready and confident. After this time, the plans will be completed and you are
ready for construction.

#5 Don't forget our free services we offer

• Plan Drop-off and pickup:
  We will help you coordinate with local builders and/or sub-contractors of
your choice to pick up and drop off plans for bids. This will eliminate the need for you to schedule time away from
work or family, getting the prices together for your project.

• Conference Room meetings:
  Need a place to meet with your builder and/or sub-contractors? No
problem. Our conference room is open for you to use. Please call ahead and we will have it ready for your use.

• Continued Support:
  We will be here for you throughout the construction process, eager to answer any
questions anyone has during the entire construction phase.

#6 Our additional Services

• 3-D virtual Tour:
  Our 3-D plan service allows you the ability to walk through your home plan using your
PC, Mac or Smart Phone. This system will give a more visual insight as to how your plan will look and feel before
construction. To see some of our past projects Click Here.

• Additional Copies:
  In case you run out of plans, we can print you more. In most cases we can have your
print ready by the same day.

• Email Bid Sets:
  In some cases, it is much easier to email plans for bid, rather than shipping them. To help
you save time, expense and shipping hassles. We can email your plan for bid. Just provide us with the recipients’
email and which documents they will need and we can handle the rest. Contact us for more information.

• Continued Support:
If you plan to construct the project yourself or would like a more detailed quantity
list. We can provide you with a complete list calculation to help you produce an estimate more accurate than most
traditional methods used today. We can even do the work for you.

• Marketing Material:
If you are planning to sell the project after you finish. We can create a wide range of
promotional and market material that will aid you in sales before, during or after the completion of the
construction project. See our Marketing Services for more information.
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