Stock Plans:

Stock plans are complete construction home plans that are located within our home plan library. Pricing for stock plans is determined by the plan package options that are chosen. Because stock plans are ready-made and available for next-day pickup or delivery, they are a great option for clients that do not have time for the development of a custom plan or don’t have specific requirements.

Tailored Stock Plans:

Tailored stock plans are original stock plans from our library with modifications made at the request of the client. Because changes are being made to an existing home plan, this type of plan is completed in much less time than a custom plan, making them a great option for customers who like a plan in our library but require a few customizations. Pricing for tailored plans begins with a fixed fee that is based on stock plan package options you and any changes are billed by the hour.
We are also able to modify plans from other designers, but must first obtain a copyright release from the designer. In turn, we will provide a credit that can be applied to the cost of purchasing the copyright release. This option is considered to be a custom plan option and will be priced by the square foot.

Custom Plans:

Custom Plans are designed “from scratch” through a collaboration of suggestions and ideas from the customer and designer. The custom plan option is ideal for customers who seek to create a home plan that is unique and addresses their specific needs and changing lifestyles. It can be very rewarding to have a home that has been designed with a personal touch. Likewise, builders who choose the custom plan option are able to project their budget and establish a unique trademark.
Pricing for custom plans is calculated by the square foot measurements of the home. Our innovative 3D virtual modeling option allows customers to see their home “as built” before construction even begins. 3D model reviews can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smart phone and allow for a 3D “walk-through” of the home.

The three new home plan options we offer:



What our typical set of construction documents include:

Sets Included:
Ten complete sets of
documents are included and are organized and
prepared to be distributed among the vast
array of professionals necessary to the project
construction (i.e. builder, subcontractors,
lenders, appraisers, etc.)
Additional sets are available when needed, and
more can be printed throughout the
construction phase. In most cases extra prints
can be available within 24 hours.
Construction Documents



Cover Sheet:
  The coversheet
protects the other documents within
the set and shows 3D perspectives of
the exterior of the house.
Cover Sheet
  The foundation plans come
complete with dimensions, dimensioned
plumbing and referenced specific details.
Any special construction and notes will also
be included.
Foundation Plan
Complete with dimensions,
ridge heights and special notes and
Elevation Sheet
3D Rendering
Floor Plan(s):
Floor plans come complete
with dimensions of all elements including
plumbing, appliances and cabinet sizes. Any
applicable notes of special conditions are
tailored with the tradesmen in mind.
Floor Plan
3D Floor Plan
Roof Plan:
  The roof plan is
complete with dimensions, plate
heights, roof pitches and notes
for special conditions. A roof
square footage table is also
included for calculating roof
Rafter plan:
  The rafter plan
comes complete with rafter
lengths and a separate rafter cut
listing for an accurate estimation
of materials. This also aids the
framer in selecting the correct
lengths to use in order to
minimize waste.
Roof and Rafter Plan
3-D Roof
3-D Rafter
cornice (eve) and other
special details designed
directly from the plan
(not typical details that
are reused for every plan
produced) are included.
This improves the
accuracy and integrity
and should be expected
with any quality set of
Details Sheet
elevations which include
applicable cabinetry,
electrical and special
construction notes are
Ceiling Joist:
  Complete with spans,
sizes and direction
Floor joist plan:
Comes complete with
spans, sizes and direction (if applicable).
  Complete with dimensions, notes and
Electrical Plan:
Complete with layout,
Light fixtures, Outlets and legend.
Site Plan:
Complete with dimensions and applicable site
conditions and/or improvements (if available).
3-D virtual Tour:
  Hudson Home Designs’ 3D
plan service allows our customers to “walk
through” their home plan using a PC, Mac or
smart phone, allowing for better visual insight to
how the home will look and feel before
construction. To view some of our past projects
Download the app.

#1 First Consultation Meeting:

• First Meeting:
   The first consultation meeting with Hudson Home Designs allows the customer and designer
to establish the general project scope and determine a structured set of requirements that will ensure complete
customer satisfaction. Much like an interview, Hudson Home Designs will ask questions of the customer, taking
notes on their ideas and expectations. The first consultation meeting can take place in our office or via web
conference or email. Our goal for this meeting is to understand what our customer believes will make a house feel
more like a home.

• Establish your rough requirements for the project:
     The most important needs or wants should
be outlined first. Such details as the desired number of bedrooms, bathrooms, special rooms and garages or
the desired total size (by square feet) of living space should be decided upon as early as possible. Many of our
customers have created a “portfolio” of ideas using, or a collection of magazine
clippings, photos, notes and sketches. It may also be beneficial to visit our stock home plan library for specific
ideas and inspiration. As always, we are available to help when needed.
• Decide on a particular Lot or Land Parcel:
     Once the location of the new home has been decided
upon, whether in a subdivision or on a land parcel, a copy of the site plan should be obtained. The site plan
provides important details that will help establish the limits on the size and shape of the home. Special
requirements or covenants, such as the minimum size of a home or certain style of a home, may also be
specified. At this stage, knowledge and homework are imperative. Customers can consult with Hudson Home
Designs, and possibly a realtor or builder, to answer any further questions or provide overall direction.
Things to Consider

#2 Conceptual Design Meeting:

The Conceptual Design Meeting with Hudson Home Designs is an opportunity for our customers to view the  
initial design that we have developed based on the project scope and the customer’s ideas. This is also a great  
opportunity for us to answer any additional questions that the customer may have.
Our conceptual design will consist of applicable rough sketches of floor plan(s) and 3D elevation(s). If the project  
is determined to be headed in the right direction, the customer will have the opportunity to take the sketches  
with them for a more thorough review, and to formulate any further comments, questions and suggestions for  
our next meeting.  
It is important to understand that our conceptual design is NOT a single-shot effort, but is instead a starting  
point for the project. Our customers can decide to continue with the design as presented or to continue discussing  
ideas for a new conceptual design. Our designers will continue to work on the design until the customer is  
completely satisfied.

#3 Reviews and Commits:

The Reviews and Commits stage is a back-and-forth review process that begins when both parties have agreed  
upon the conceptual design. Unless the customer requests differently, the review process is carried out through  
email. This reduces any unnecessary delays and reduces the customer’s need to find time for office meetings. The  
email method also allows the customer to review the design at their own pace in their home so that their thoughts  
remain clear without interruption or pressure to make hasty decisions. The review process continues until the  
customer is ready to proceed. The customer maintains control at all times, and the final set will not be initiated  
until the customer approves the designs and is completely satisfied.

#4 Final Set:

In this stage, Hudson Home Designs finalizes all of the technical requirements and documentation required by code  
and needed by the builder to begin the project. It is essential that the customer make the decision to continue to the  
final set only when completely confident and satisfied with the design. After this stage, the plans will be complete and  
ready for construction.

#5 Don't forget our free services we offer

· Plan Drop-Off and Pickup-
Hudson Home Designs will coordinate with local builders and/or
subcontractors of the customer’s choice to pickup and drop-off plans for bids, eliminating the need to take
time away from work or family to get the prices together for the project.
· Conference Room Meetings-
The Hudson Home Designs conference room is open for our customers’
use for meetings with builders and/or subcontractors. The room can be reserved by calling ahead of time.
· Continued Support-
We continue to support our customers throughout the construction process and are
eager to answer any questions during the entire construction of the home.

#6 Our additional Services

•   3D Virtual Tour-
Hudson Home Designs’ 3D plan service allows our customers to “walk through” their
home plan using a PC, Mac or smart phone, allowing for better visual insight to how the home will look and
feel before construction. To view some of our past projects, click here.
•   Additional Copies-
Additional plan copies are available to our customers when needed. In most cases,
additional plans can be printed same day.
•   Bid Sets by Email-
In many cases, it is much easier to email plans for bid than to ship them. To help save
our customers’ time, expenses and shipping hassles, we can email the plan for bid. We will only need the
desired recipients’ email address and a listing of documents to be sent, and we will send them. Contact us for
more information.
•   Marketing Material-
For builders who plan to sell the home after it has been constructed, Hudson Home   
Designs offers a wide range of promotional and marketing material that can be used before, during and after
the construction process. See our Marketing Services page for more information.
•    Continued Support-
Hudson Home Designs will provide complete list calculations to customers who plan
to construct the project themselves or who would like to see a more detailed quantity list. This will allow for a
more accurate estimate than most traditional methods used today. We will also do the work for our
customers, if needed.
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