#1 Initial Consultation:

• Initial Consultation:
This is to understand
firsthand what needs are to be addressed. We will
communicate and make notes of all suggestions, ideas and
needs you have. We will collaborate with you to establish
the most economical way to proceed.

#2 Reviews and Commits:

• First Review:
This is when we combine all notes
with suggestions and ideas to produce a rough draft for
you review. For your convenience this will be emailed
to you unless requested otherwise.

#3 Fine tuning the project:

• Fine tuning the project:
Is when
the process is sent back and forth until you
are completely satisfied with the complete

#4 Final Plan:

Final Plan:
  After you agree the project is exactly what
you want we will proceed to finalize all Applicable
information and requirements in preparation for

#5 Don't forget our free services we offer

• Plan Drop-off and pickup:
  We will help you coordinate with local builders and/or sub-contractors of
your choice to pick up and drop off plans for bids. This will eliminate the need for you to schedule time away from
work or family, getting the prices together for your project.

• Conference Room meetings:
  Need a place to meet with your builder and/or sub-contractors? No
problem. Our conference room is open for you to use. Please call ahead and we will have it ready for your use.

• Continued Support:
  We will be here for you throughout the construction process, eager to answer any
questions anyone has during the entire construction phase.

#6 Our additional Services

• 3-D virtual Tour:
  Our 3-D plan service allows you the ability to walk through your home plan using your
PC, Mac or Smart Phone. This system will give a more visual insight as to how your plan will look and feel before
construction. To see some of our past projects Click Here.

• Additional Copies:
  In case you run out of plans, we can print you more. In most cases we can have your
print ready by the same day.

• Email Bid Sets:
  In some cases, it is much easier to email plans for bid, rather than shipping them. To help
you save time, expense and shipping hassles. We can email your plan for bid. Just provide us with the receivers
email and which sheet(s) they will be needing and we can handle the rest. Contact us for more information.

• Material Estimations:
If you plan to construct the project yourself or would like a more detailed quantity
list. We can provide you with a complete list calculation to help you produce an estimate more accurate than most
traditional methods used today. We can even do the work for you.

• Marketing Material:
If you are planning to sell the project after you finish. We can create a wide range of
promotional and market material that will aid you in sales before, during or after the completion of the
construction project. See our Marketing Services for more information.

Commercial Planning:

  You may know that trying to get started on a commercial project can cost a lot of capital and time up front. This is just the first step before you can even begin to get an idea as to what the complete project in the end will cost you.  Commercial plans are actually not much more complex than residential except for the “red tape” one must go through from conceptual to final. Because we at Hudson Home Designs are licensed professionals, we are able to assist you in your small to medium projects from start to finish (State of Alabama Section 34-2-32). Our fees are also a simple flat rate fee per square foot, or by the job. We do not charge percentages of job cost nor do we act as project manager, charging you every time a site visit is made. Please contact Hudson Home Designs for more information and details. 

For larger projects, we can provide you with conceptual sketches and rendering services for presentations, Virtual Reality and Animation.

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