What our typical set of construction documents include:

The Wow Factor: Our remodel plans are
very comprehensive and easy to
understand. Our process includes B.I.M.
"building information modeling". This is
the most advanced Architectural
technology on the market today.
Construction Documents
Sets Included:
5 complete sets of
construction documents. These documents are
organized and prepared to be distributed
among the vast array of professionals in order
to construct the project. (i.g., Builder,
subcontractors, Lenders, Appraisers, etc…)


Additional sets are available: In case you run
out of plans. We can print more for you
throughout the construction phase. In most
cases we can have your prints within 24 hours.


Cover Sheet: 
Applicable interior and
or exterior views. Before and after (3-D
perspectives). Also protects the rest of
the documents within the project set.
Cover Sheet
Foundation Plan
  Complete with
dimensions, dimensioned plumbing,
referenced specific details, Any
special construction and notes
Elevation Sheet
3D Rendering
Complete with dimensions,
ridge heights and special notes and
3D Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Floor Plan(s): 
Complete with dimensions
of all elements including plumbing, appliances
and cabinet sizes. Applicable notes of special
conditions are tailored with the tradesmen in
3-D Roof
Roof and Rafter Plan
Rafter plan: 
Complete with
rafter lengths and separate rafter
cut list. for accurate estimation of
materials. This also aids the
framer in selecting the correct
lengths to use in order to
minimize waste.
3-D Rafter
Roof Plan: 
Complete with
dimensions, plate heights, roof
pitches and notes for special
conditions, as well as a Roof
Square footage table for
Calculating roof materials.
Details Sheet
Cornice (Eve) and Special
Details designed directly
from the plan (not typical
details that are reused for
every plan produced). We
do this to improve the
accuracy and integrity
that should be expected
from quality set of plans.
Including applicable
cabinets, electrical, and
special construction
Floor joist: 
Complete with spans, sizes
and direction (if applicable).
Ceiling Joist:
  Complete with spans,
sizes and direction
Complete with dimensions, notes and
Electrical Plan:
Complete with layout,
Light fixtures, Outlets and legend.
Site Plan:
Complete with dimensions and applicable site
conditions and/or improvements (if available).

Download the app.

3-D virtual Tour: 
Our 3-D plan service allows
you the ability to walk through your home plan
using your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smart Phone from
your own home. This system will give a more
visual insight as to how your plan will look and feel
before construction. To see some of our past
projects Click Here.

What you need to know:

Remodeling and/or adding  
on to your home can be  
complicated and sometimes  
render unwanted results if  
you do not start by having a  
set of well-documented  
construction plans to follow.  
At Hudson Home Designs,  
we have over 14 years of  
experience in both building  
and designing home  
additions and remodeling.

What we will need first:

If you plan to add on to your home,  
you may need to obtain a site plan.  
This can be done by contacting a  
local Surveyor in your area to  
develop a plan that will note and  
locate all existing structures and  
establish a building envelope from  
which to plan your addition (or you  
may have one in your homeowners  
closing documents).  Providing a site  
plan will better prepare us to present  
you with a more complete design.   
Please note: In some cases a site  
plan may not be required. Hudson  
Home Designs will be more than  
happy to help you determine if this  
will be required.

#1 On-site consultation Meeting:

• On-site Consultation:
This is to
see firsthand what needs are to be
addressed. We will take field
measurements, notes and pictures of
all applicable elements and issues of
your existing home. We will also
communicate and make notes of all
suggestions, ideas and needs you
might have. We will collaborate with
you to establish the most economical
way to proceed.

#2 Conceptual Design Review:

• Conceptual Design Review:
For your convenience, this review
will be emailed to you, unless you
would rather set a physical or virtual
meeting. This is for you to review
what we have developed from the
combination of field measurements,
notes, suggestions and ideas to
produce a rough draft. This will also
be the opportunity for us to answer
any questions you may have during
your review. Please understand that
our conceptual designs are not a
single-shot effort (e.g., take it or
leave it), rather it is a starting point -  
you can decide to continue with what
we have presented, or we can
continue discussing  additional ideas
for a new, conceptual design
direction. We will continue to work
with you until you are completely
comfortable and satisfied.

#3 Fine tuning the project:

• Reviews and Commits:
this step plan reviews will be sent back
and forth until you are completely
satisfied with the project. This is done by
email, unless you request otherwise. We
do this for two reasons. One:  This
reduces unnecessary delays in the design
process and reduces your tendency to
worry about finding time for office
meetings. Two: You are able to review at
your own pace in the comfort of your own
home so your thoughts remain clear,
without interruption or pressure to make
hasty decisions. As always, you will
remain in control throughout this
process. When you approve and are
completely satisfied, we will proceed to
the final set.

#4 Final Set:

• Final Plan:
In this
stage, we finalize all the
technical requirements and
documentation needed by
the builder to begin the
project. It is very important
that you make the decision
to continue to final set, only
when you are completely
ready and confident. Once
completed we will provide
you with both electronic and
printed versions of the plan
ready for distribution and

#5 Don't forget our free services we offer

• Digital Copy:
Emailed copy of the complete working drawings for your records.

• Plan Drop-off and pickup:
  We will help you coordinate with local builders and/or sub-contractors of
your choice to pick up and drop off plans for bids. This will eliminate the need for you to schedule time away from
work or family, getting the prices together for your project.

• Conference Room meetings:
  Need a place to meet with your builder and/or sub-contractors? No
problem. Our conference room is open for you to use. Please call ahead and we will have it ready for your use.

• Continued Support:
  We will be here for you throughout the construction process, eager to answer any
questions anyone has during the entire construction phase.

#6 Our additional Services

• Additional Copies:
  In case you run out of plans, we can print you more. In most cases we can have your
prints ready by the same day.

• Material Estimations:
We can provide you with a complete list calculation to help you and/or your builder
produce an estimate more accurate than most traditional methods used today. We can even do the work for you.

• Continued Support:
If you plan to construct the project yourself or would like a more detailed quantity
list. We can provide you with a complete list calculation to help you produce an estimate more accurate than most
traditional methods used today. We can even do the work for you.

• On Site Inspections:
  Need to know things are being done right and on time? We can schedule job site
visits to inspect, consult and help you coordinate your project. We will be here for you in part or for the complete
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